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Social Media Marketing


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) involved promoting web contents or articles by using social networks to enhance business branding and awareness in the market. The objective of this marketing concept is to generate traffic, visitors, and exposure using online media like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube to your website.

How does it help my business?

Social Media Marketing very potential and low-cost to deliver information across social networks. It creates powerful online media marketing campaigns that will rocket your traffics more effectively. It has unlimited reach to the public and maximize your ROI in the shortest time. A good marketing strategy should have fresh contents or articles to update your website and share them in the network. The campaign will spread very fast to generate traffics and sales to the company.


How does it works?

In the social world, every social communities are linking to each other. Company posts articles or blogs into any of these social sites to spread the information out. These community will share them out to their own networks. And this type of marketing is automated and simple to implement.



The power of leveraging on social networks is very effective. In many aspects, copies of information are sent out to promote the company. Traditional media like newspapers and magazines have limitations due to aspects like geographical and time for distribution. The speed of Internet has overcome these limitations by keeping a closer interaction between company and customers as a starting point of marketing strategy.

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